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Site Layout/Navigation
8.6 / 10
Getting Laid
19.2 / 20
Member Base
19.0 / 20
5.0 / 5
14.0 / 15
Ease Of Joining
5.0 / 5
Member Photos/Videos
4.5 / 5
Bang For Buck
19.5 / 20

Sex Search Full Review


Boasting over 25 million members worldwide and a very slick high tech tour, Sex Search promises to help you find someone in your area to hook up with for a naughty good time. The tour is so slick that they have a hot girl stripping on the tour as a reward for you filling out the basic info to set up your profile and get your free basic membership. It seems like this adult dating site has their act together and knows what they are doing so lets give them a spin and see how it all works out.


The site is large and well designed. With this many members it could be easy to get lost, but they do a really good job of keeping things organized and providing you with the tools you need to find like-minded people with. The basic search engine doesn't do a whole lot to filter things down much, but the advanced option really does step it up and helps you find people that are more specific to what you are looking for. You can search by age range, looks, distance from you and then use a bunch of criteria based on interests and desire to filter down the member list.

Sex Search gives you a lot of different ways to interact with other members. You can email them through their profile or you can meet them in the live chat rooms. The site is fully compatible with webcams so you can watch people who are on their cams or broadcast on your cam if you want. You can even do a 1 on 1 cam chat with someone else. They have an instant messaging service that lets you send IMs to other members who are online at the same time you are and they have some user forums.

Sex Search is always looking for ways to set itself apart and one of the ways they do that is by having Jenna Jameson write an advice column. They also give you access to a large collection of hardcore porn picture and video galleries. So this is a dating site and porn site all in one. There are a couple of different membership levels, but both are affordable and they offer a free 100 day money back guarantee. If you use the site and dont get laid within 100 days you will get your money back.


The sign up process is kind of long. They ask you a lot of questions and that actually started annoying me. I prefer to be able to do a short, basic sign up then go back and fill in all my details once I've decided to join and use the site.

Like any large adult dating site you are bound to come across some fake profiles. These are normally either people trying to sell you something or people just using a fake picture to get more interest in their profile. They work hard to eliminate these, but there are some out there so just be aware that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


Sex Search does a great job at setting itself apart from the competition. They have a slick looking, well designed site that has a ton of members and some really nice search/browse features. The extra features such as webcams, chat and the Jenna Jameson advice column are really nice additions. I do wish the sign up process was a little faster, but overall the site is well done and it does offer you a get laid or get your money back guarantee so you arent out anything to try this one.

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