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Site Layout/Navigation
9.3 / 10
Getting Laid
19.4 / 20
Member Base
19.0 / 20
5.0 / 5
15.0 / 15
Ease Of Joining
5.0 / 5
Member Photos/Videos
5.0 / 5
Bang For Buck
19.7 / 20

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This adult dating site is very well named. Get It On helps you locate a like-minded person near you to hook up with and . . . well. . . get it on. The tour is very simple and to the point. It will let you do a free sample search so that you can check out the results for the people in your area and see how the site works before creating a free profile. So far it looks like this is a pretty good place to meet someone for some naked fun, lets get inside and see if it delivers.


There are a lot of things to like with this site. They have a large number of members with some very easy to use and solid search/browse tools to help you make your way through all the profiles. You can do some pretty quick and dirty basic searches by just selecting an age-range and distance from you, but you may find yourself buried in results. If you want to refine the results you can use the more advanced search tool and find people based on looks, interests etc.

Creating a profile in this site is very easy. You can make a very basic, simple profile just to get it done or you can take some time and fill in all the details and take the personality quizzes. The more detail you put into your profile the more likely you are going to be to get people interested in you.

You can look at peoples profiles and send them messages through the email system or you can jump into the live chat rooms and talk live with people who are online right then. They also have an instant message system where you can send IMs to other members who are online at the same time you are. The site is fully webcam capable. You can watch people who are on their cam or you can connect yours and do some 1 on 1 cam chat.

The free membership will let you browse the site, set up your profile and use some of the other features on this site. I like that because it lets you get a good look at the site before you plunk down your hard earned cash.


Where some other adult dating sites offer you some free porn movies and pictures, Get It On doesn't have any of those. Also, like most large adult dating sites you will occasionally run into some fake profiles. These fake profiles are normally people looking to get you to buy something. If you take things with a grain of salt, you should be fine and it wont be long before you can easily identify the fakes.


I really liked what I saw in this site. They have a ton of profiles online that are easy to search and browse. They also have some good looking extra features like chat and webcam options. The site features rich, detailed profiles and is very easy to use. I do wish they had some bonus pics and movies and you will need to keep your eyes open for the occasional fake profile, but otherwise the free membership lets you do a lot with it and this site works great and delivers on pretty much every level. It is well worth checking out.

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