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Meet Locals

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Site Layout/Navigation
8.0 / 10
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18.0 / 20
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18.0 / 20
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18.0 / 15
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4.0 / 5
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4.0 / 5
Bang For Buck
18.0 / 20

Meet Locals Full Review


One part singles dating site and one part a site that helps you meet up with someone for something a little more causal and naughty; Meet Locals is a great adult oriented dating site. Packed with a ton of members and some strong features Meet Locals wants you to find that special someone near you no matter what it is you are looking for. The tour is pretty straight forward and looks good so lets jump inside and give this one a test drive.


There are a lot of things to like about Meet Locals so I will hit some of the basics first. They have a ton of profiles on this site with users all over the globe. To help you wade through this sea of profiles there are some nice browse and search options. You can do some very basic searched where you simply search based on age range and location or you can get a whole lot more detailed and cover everything from body type to looks as well as interests and what they are looking for. My initial searches brought back 1000s of results, but as I narrowed them down and refined my searches I was able to find people who are more along the lines of my interests.

When you get a big site like this you always run the risks of having fake profiles or fake user pictures. The fake profiles are typically profiles where the person who owns it is trying to sell you something. The fake pictures are where people are using pictures that are not them in order to draw more interest to their profile. Meet Locals has a system in place where you can verify that the picture in your profile is you. They put a stamp on those profiles as being verified so if you see one that is verified you know the picture is 100% accurate.

I really liked some of the bonus features here including the chat rooms, user forums and webcam options. They have both live chat rooms and user forums that cover different geographic areas as well as different areas of interest. This allows you to talk live or converse with like-minded people or with people from your area. You can check out people who are broadcasting from their webcam and if you have a webcam you can connect to others for 1 on 1 cam chatting.


There are not a whole lot of profiles for people who are outside the US or Canada. They seem to be expanding there fast and some areas have more members than others, but these areas are not huge just yet so at the moment this site will be most useful to those inside the US or Canada.

You do get a free membership to check the site out, but you can do next to nothing with it. You can only browse certain areas of the site and you must buy a full membership before you can do anything of real substance. I understand them wanting to sell memberships, but it would be nice to at least be able to check out a profile or a chat room with the free membership.


This is a very well put together site that has a lot of members, tons of great search and browse features and is well designed. The chat rooms, webcam options and extra help add plenty to this site that will keep you busy meeting people for a long time and the photo verification service is a great addon that will help you avoid the inevitable fake profiles. I do wish the free membership let you do more, but this one is well worth getting a paid membership to so it isn't a huge deal. Whether you are looking for someone for something a little naughty or nice, Meet Locals is a great place to start

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