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Site Layout/Navigation
9.9 / 10
Getting Laid
20.0 / 20
Member Base
20.0 / 20
5.0 / 5
15.0 / 15
Ease Of Joining
5.0 / 5
Member Photos/Videos
5.0 / 5
Bang For Buck
20.0 / 20

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Fling is one of the biggest, most well-known and inventive adult dating sites out there. Dedicated to helping you find that special someone for a booty call, a one night hook up or a swinging good time, Fling works hard to offer you the features that will make finding that perfect person easy and fast. The tour is simple, clean and effective and it even lets you do a sample search to see what kind of people are in your area.


This is a huge site that has literally millions of members worldwide. Most of the members are focused in the US and Canada, but there are members all over the globe. Something I really liked right from the start was how well put together this site is. A site this large could be easy to get lost in, but they have all the search features you could want to help make your search easy. You can do some basic searches for people in your area broken down by age range and distance from you or you can break it down even further and look for people with a certain body type or look and people looking for specific kinds of action. Using these search options should help you to easily break things down so that you can find that special someone to meet and have fun with.

Fling offers some cool extra features as well including live chat rooms and live video chat. The video chat lets you watch people who are on their webcam or, if you have a webcam, you can cam 2 cam chat with them. They also have a lot of user forums that let you talk to other members about all kinds of sexual and non-sexual topics. In addition to the dating features they also offer you a large selection of porn pictures.

Maybe the coolest feature in Fling is something they call Photo Verification.î One of the major problems adult dating sites run into is fake profiles. These are profiles set up by people who are trying to get you to join their site or pay to see a girl on a webcam or who knows what. Many fake profiles will use pictures of pornstars, models or other hot girls they find online to entice you. The Photo Verification is a system where fling makes you verify that the picture is you. I'm not 100% sure how they do that, but they keep a database of fakers and are constantly searching the site to weed out any fakes. If you see a Photo Verified profile, you know it is 100% real.


There are two things that are worth mentioning here. First is that you do get a 100% free trial membership, but you really can't do anything more than basic browsing of the site with it. You can't look at profiles, set up a profile or use any of the chat/discussion options until you get a full membership. It would have been nice to be able to look at a few things, even if they are limited so you can just see how they work.

The other problem is that if you are outside the US or Canada then often there are not going to be that many members in your area. Some places have more than others and I get the feeling they are working on growing this area of the site, but for now it is pretty small.


This is a great site that has very easy to use setup, is well put together and features a ton of member profiles. The strong search features, live chat and forums make finding someone fun and easy and the Photo Verification helps weed out the fake profiles. I do wish the free membership did a little more, but overall that is a pretty small blemish on what is otherwise a very well done site.

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