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No Strings Attached

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Site Layout/Navigation
9.6 / 10
Getting Laid
20.0 / 20
Member Base
20.0 / 20
5.0 / 5
14.0 / 15
Ease Of Joining
5.0 / 5
Member Photos/Videos
4.0 / 5
Bang For Buck
19.3 / 20

No Strings Attached Full Review


No Strings Attached is exactly what it sounds like, a dating site for people who are looking for discreet sex who are also either married or dating. They offer some top of the line privacy features to make sure your privacy is kept safe while you look for that special fling. With over 3 Million members both male and female and with 20 thousand members joining this week alone you will be sure to find someone in your area in no time.


No Strings Attached Is a large dating site with over 3 million members. With thousands of new members joining weekly the odds of you finding someone to hook up with are very high. They have 14 years of experience and so clearly know how to bring you the best privacy possible when it comes to looking for some No Strings Attached sex.

No Strings Attached offers some nice features that help to you keep your sex life and relationship life separate. Things like Private calling to other members so you don’t have to give out your personal number or a site email so you don’t have to give out your personal email address. One of my favorite features is the anonymous profile system they have so you can give all the information you want to help you find that perfect sex partner without having to give out personal information that could get you in trouble.

One of the biggest selling features of this site is that it’s free to join. So you can start finding those quick hookups or secret romances right away. You are able to filter out inactive members and can search by members’ location so you can navigate quickly to active members in your area without having to look through hundreds of thousands of profiles. There seems to be a good mix of both males and females of all age who are looking for either relationships on the side or just one night hook ups so you should be able to find what you are looking for fairly easy.


The only real negative things I could find about the site is that a lot of the members are from the USA and so if you’re from other areas of the globe you might have trouble finding as many matches. Also because they have so many members it can be very hard to navigate the site manly or to just browse through profiles.


Though No Strings Attached current targeted area seems to be mostly the US with over 3 million members you should be able to find someone in your area fairly easily. Their privacy features seem to be top notch and you shouldn’t have to worry about your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend finding out about your fling on the side.

The fact that it is free to join and has over 3 million members with 20 thousand having joined this week alone you will be having the hottest sex in no time at all. I would highly recommend joining No Strings Attached today!

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