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XXX Dating

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Site Layout/Navigation
4.0 / 10
Getting Laid
20.0 / 20
Member Base
20.0 / 20
5.0 / 5
15.0 / 15
Ease Of Joining
5.0 / 5
Member Photos/Videos
5.0 / 5
Bang For Buck
20.0 / 20

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Looking for a hook up, a friend with benefits or a kinky one night stand? XXX Dating is the site you should checkout. They have a lot of members in the site and focus more on those who want to get down dirty and be naked than those looking for a long term relationship. I like what I see so far and the company that runs this site has a very good reputation for putting out quality stuff. Lets give a go and see how we do.


This is a profile driven site. They really focus their attention on the profiles and it shows. You can fill in a lot of different information about yourself, post multiple pics and really go to town pimping it out. The details get put to use later on when you are using the search features to find people in your area. Depending on where you live your basic search may return a ton of results. In order to help shrink that down you can use the advanced search feature which allows you to use all kind of different options to search by. The more details you use the more detailed and accurate our search results will be. You can even just type in keywords and find people that way. This is where the profiles really shine. The more information you give people about yourself the more likely like-minded people will find you.

Something else XXX Dating does very well is the way it controls the fake profiles. With a lot of adult dating sites you will almost inevitably come across fake profiles that are using pornstars pictures then when you contact them they send you a reply with a link to join their site. XXX Dating does a very good job of keeping that crap out of their site. They work hard to curb the number of fake profiles so you can just focus on having a good time and not have to worry about getting scammed.

There are some nice extras in the site including some hot hardcore picture galleries and videos as well as some fun adult games. This added porn saves you the money of having to join another site to get that stuff.


This is a newer site so they dont have a ton of profiles yet. They are working on it, but it is still on the smaller side. The people who will have the best results are those who live in or near bigger cities.

The site lacks some of the chat and webcam features that other dating sites have. Their profiles are the heart of the site, but it would be nice to have some more interactive content.


This is a pretty good adult dating site that features some great profiles and plenty of amazing search options. The site is well organized and they do a really good job of keeping the fake profiles out. The site has some nice bonus features, but does lack some of the interactive stuff that other sites still have. For me it boils down to what you want and how you are willing to go about it. If you are willing to put in the time to make a great profile for yourself and contact others through email, develop those relationships and then maybe build a full stable of fuck buddies over time, this is a good site for you to try. If you are just looking for something where you can have some erotic online chat or webcam chat or you just want to send instant messages, this might not be the best choice for you.

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